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What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (abbreviated: BIM) describes an innovative working method in the construction industry which can be used for optimizing the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings, through the use of digital modelling.

Benefits of BIM


Buildings or each of their elements can be visualized, which is useful both during planning and construction

Higher planning quality

Better data quality through a shared database which is constantly synchronized

Clash detection

Clashes between individual disciplines get corrected before  construction begins

Increased efficiency

The improved data synchronization increases the productivity of the planning process in terms of quality, costs and deadlines


Coordination is much easier due to the improved information exchange between planning stakeholders


Continuous and immediate availability of data as the database is continuously built during the entire project


Creating BIM-models

We create 3D BIM models using Autodesk Revit.


Coordination of BIM-models

In multi-phase clash detection we list and coordinate the colliding elements. 



Our consulting activities include supporting BIM implementation and workflows, as well as BIM audit.

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