Our consultancy activities cover the following three areas:

• Supporting BIM implementation

Switching to a BIM-based working method is both an opportunity and a challenge for design firms and other construction companies. The implementation of BIM is an important strategic decision that fundamentally changes the way businesses work. There is no single BIM document that requires all users to follow the same steps, the implementation requires careful preparation and customization. We examine the relevance of BIM processes to your business, and based on the analysis of concrete workflows, work together to develop a specific BIM implementation strategy along with in-house BIM standards and a detailed action plan derived from them.

• BIM workflow support

Following the successful integration of BIM workflows, many questions and problems may arise at the operational level. We can support running projects at any stage, from bidding to final construction plans. Through personal consultation, we determine the BIM goals for the project and the appropriate LOD (Level of Detail) to achieve them, and answer questions about software usage, responsibilities, or even forms of collaboration, data collection and exchange.

• BIM audit

We also support companies that have implemented BIM workflows at both strategic and operational levels but would like to have a project’s BIM model verified by an external, independent expert. The model’s shortcomings and corrective elements are highlighted in the form of a report based on our own checklist. This verification process contributes to ensuring that the completed BIM model provides reliable output data to all project participants.

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